Poor Educational System in India.

Nowadays education has become a profitable business to those who have money. Investing on buildings most of the educationalists are making profits and they made it as a business.
Investing lakh's they are earning crore's on educational business.

Particularly on the engineering education so many colleges were owned by the politicians to make big money. Even though the government both federal and state were imposing several restrictions to standardize the education because of the politicians it has been made cheaper were we can buy like a commodity. Those who are able to pay more can get the seat in any colleges on the other way around the merit has become valueless.

The students who wants to aspire their future in their interested subjects are not getting because of the money constraint, those who are paying more though they have less marks are getting seats instead of the right one. The System should be changed like the allotment of seats in higher education should be controlled by a board which is headed by the jurists and the fees collecting system should be through that board instead of directly authoring the institutions to collect the fees from students what ever they want. More over the board should not be influenced by any politicians. Otherwise the corrupted people will play the game and make our most valued educational systems to valueless one.

We not only blaming the educationalist but the students and parents should stick on their stand that "we will not pay any more which exceeds the amount fixed by the government."
Here only everything went wrong that when someone is paying more then the education becomes like taking in auction sale. Ultimately the standard of education falls down so the output of talented graduates coming out from the universities and colleges also will reduce gradually over a period the talent pool of the nation will fall.

We should be proud of being an Indian that today in newspapers a proud able news has been published as result of a survey. Regarding the Mathematics intelligent India stands second next to China, wherein United States is at 38th place. We should think of what is limiting us to fly over to the top, everything is because of the POOR SYSTEM we have. If we change the system and moving to the current trend we would become the super power in short period of time. Otherwise the same story of blaming each other will continue and no developments or improvements will come. The entire systems of governance and education should be changed in order to lead a prosperous India.

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